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Call us so we can help meet your lending needs.

VA Home Loans

The VA home loan was established by the US government in 1944 to assist returning service veterans in purchasing homes without requiring a down payment or having excellent credit. More than 25 million VA loans have been guaranteed under this historic program, assisting Veterans, active service military members, and their families in purchasing or refinancing a house. 

Because VA Loans are supplied by private lenders and backed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, they can be obtained with no private mortgage insurance (PMI). Although VA loans are a specialized loan, they aren’t any more complicated or time-consuming than other types of house loans. 

How to Qualify For A VA Home Loan


Before you can get the keys to your ideal home, you must complete a number of important steps, just like any other mortgage process. Some of the conditions to qualify include: 

– You’re the spouse of a military service member who died in the line of duty or became disabled as a result of their service. 

– Served in the military for at least 181 days during peacetime. 

– Have served in the Reserves or National Guard for at least 6 years. 

– Have served 90 days in active duty under Title 10 or Title 32. At least 30 of those days must have been consecutive for Title 32 service. 

What Can You Use A VA Loan to Purchase? 


Veterans can use VA purchase loans to acquire single-family houses, condominiums, mobile homes, multi-unit properties (such as a duplex), and even new construction. Lender policies and criteria may differ. Some lenders may not offer all of these VA  loan options. 

Purchase and refinancing mortgages, rehab and remodeling loans, and energy efficiency mortgages are among the financial programs offered by the VA. In the past, the VA set a limit on the amount of money that may be borrowed for a VA home loan. However, starting in 2020, the VA will no longer impose those same limits. One of our experienced loan officers can assess your situation and let you know the loan limit for your scenario.

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