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Call us so we can help meet your lending needs.

Mortgage Refinancing

When considering refinancing a loan in Idaho, it is critical to understand the process, benefits, and difficulties. Refinancing entails replacing a current loan with a new one, usually with better terms or interest rates. Many homeowners refinance their mortgage to reduce monthly payments, decrease the loan term, or access equity.

In Idaho the refinancing process begins with a review of your financial goals and present financial status. It is vital to have a strong credit score because it can drastically impact your eligibility for lower interest rates. Receiving a quote from InterWest Mortgage is suggested to ensure you get the best offer. This process involves going over interest rates, loan terms, and any costs or penalties related to early loan repayment.

Similar to how you applied for your first loan, you will go through this process again. This will entail verifying income and debts, doing a credit check, and performing a home appraisal to evaluate the property’s current value. Closing costs are extra expenses to take into account; they are the fees and charges you will have to pay when the refinancing transaction is finalized. While some lenders offer no-cost refinancing, the closing costs are typically added to the loan balance or financed at a higher interest rate.

Conventional Loan Refinancing

Conventional mortgage loans are a popular choice because they often feature lower rates and closing costs. This form of loan is provided by private lenders and is not guaranteed by the government. A refinance requires at least 5% equity in your house based on appraised value. If your loan has an LTV (Loan to Value) of 80% or less, you will not be required to pay monthly mortgage insurance; but, if your LTV exceeds this limit, you will. 

It’s crucial to remember that while a conventional refinance mortgage loan might be the greatest choice for certain homeowners, it might not be the ideal alternative for others. See if this is the best option for you by having one of our team members assist you.

Refinancing FHA Loans

The Federal Housing Administration offers a form of financing called an FHA refinance mortgage loan that enables homeowners to refinance their current mortgage. Refinancing options from the FHA are numerous and include streamline and cash-out refinancing.

An FHA refinance mortgage loan can be an excellent choice for homeowners wishing to reduce their monthly mortgage payments, access cash from their home equity, or take advantage of lower interest rates.

If you already own your home, feel free to give us a call or stop by to inquire about refinancing. There are several advantages to refinancing, such as the potential for a reduced interest rate, decreased monthly payments, or a shorter loan term.