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Your Moving Checklist

Your Moving Checklist

Moving is always easier when you’re organized. Avoid headaches with this moving checklist to keep you organized and prepared for the big move.

7-8 Weeks Before

Begin the sorting process. This is where you make the keep, donate, or throw away piles. Also consider what may need special packaging and what valuables may need additional care or insurance coverage. If you’re opting for movers, start researching companies. Get a few quotes in writing and make sure the company you choose is registered with the US Department of Transportation so you know you’re in safe hands. Consider creating a moving binder to keep track of everything you’re moving. Include receipts and estimates in this binder. This is also a good time to notify your children’s school and arrange for their records to be transferred.

6 Weeks Before

Now is the time to order supplies like moving boxes, bubble wrap, markers, and packing tape. Start using up items you don’t want to move like perishable foods and cleaning products. If you have some access to the new home, try to get measurements for your larger pieces of furniture.

4-5 Weeks Before

This is a great time to transfer medical records, notify important parties of your new address (employers, banks, etc.), and go to the post office to fill out your change of address forms. For subscriptions, you’ll want to call in and change your address yourself to ensure you don’t miss a month. This is also a great time to start packing items you don’t use frequently. Take this time to appropriately label everything with special attention given to valuables. You’ll want to decide on your mover and have a written confirmation about all your plans.

2-3 Weeks Before

Now it’s starting to get exciting! Give notice to your employer that you’ll need adequate time off work, clean out your safe-deposit box if you have one, and get a tune up on your car. (The last thing you want during a move is for your vehicle to break down while on your journey!) Reconfirm the moving company arrangements and make sure you’ve scheduled the right help for the right days.

1 Week Before

You’re down to the wire now, so you should be pretty much packed and ready to just finalize all the little things. Refill prescriptions and make sure you have enough necessities to tide you over for about week or so. A good tip we’ve heard is to pack a suitcase for everyone in the family with clothes and toiletries for a few days and save it for emergency situations and access it when needed.

The Week of the Move

If you’re taking your fridge or freezer, defrost it at least 24 hours before and make sure it’s empty and clean. Double check your details one more time. Be prepared with payment for your movers and make sure they have your contact information in case of problems.

Moving Day

Verify that the moving truck is from the company you are waiting on. Take inventory of your items before the mover leaves and sign of bill of lading. Keep of copy of this for your records. Take a minute to breath and enjoy the journey.