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Call us so we can help meet your lending needs.

Mortgage Loans for Driggs, Idaho

Activities range from music festivals to a world-class snow carving competition, a legendary hot air balloon rally, a vibrant county fair exhibiting our agricultural background, to farmer’s markets and artisan fairs. Driggs, Idaho is a magnet for anyone looking for adventure and natural beauty in a small town setting. The valley is surrounded by the Teton, Big Hole, and Snake River mountain ranges, which beckon the explorer in all of us. There is high-quality enjoyment to be had whether you prefer skiing, hiking, mountain biking, or fly fishing. Driggs, Idaho, encourages everyone to be their best selves in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Mortgages and Home Loans for Driggs, Idaho by InterWest Mortgage
Driggs, Idaho Adventure & Exploration

InterWest Mortgage is the greatest mortgage provider to work with when it comes to locating the home of your dreams. Our mortgage loan officers are well-versed in all aspects of mortgage financing and have access to a wide choice of loan options.

We offer unique local expertise and experience to help residential homebuyers in Driggs obtain the right loan for their property. A home loan application is a huge life decision, and having the proper people on your side can make all the difference.

What are the Different Types of Mortgages and Home Loans?

Our local loan officers take the time to learn about you and your long-term goals. Finding a loan that suits your financial criteria is the first step in buying a property.

  • Conventional Home Loans 
  • VA Home Loans 
  • FHA Home Loans 
  • Rural Development Home Loans 
  • Idaho Housing & Finance Loans

You’ll need to acquire the correct kind of mortgage to help you make the purchase before you start looking for the perfect home to buy. InterWest Mortgage specializes in the above types of mortgages and home loans in order to best serve the residents of Driggs, Idaho.

What Can Our Loan Officers Do To Help You?

We’ll work with you to locate the best loan for your needs, financial situation, and home-buying goals. This will save a lot of money now and in the future. Throughout the process, we keep you and your real estate agent up to date on the progress of your loan. Only deal points and progress are disclosed; all other information is kept totally confidential between you and us.

There are a lot of things to consider throughout the process, especially if this is your first house. It should be a short, painless, and ultimately successful procedure with the help of your loan officer.

Refinancing a Home Loan in Driggs, Idaho

Refinancing your mortgage can help you save money on interest throughout the life of the loan, help you pay off your mortgage faster, and allow you access to the equity in your house if you need money for any reason. We’ll review your financial situation with you to evaluate your risk level and whether you’re eligible for a lower rate. Closing expenses are part of the refinancing process, and they may influence whether you should get a new mortgage or not.

Since 1986, InterWest Mortgage, headquartered in Idaho Falls, has been a leading lender in Driggs, Idaho, and the surrounding areas. We’re often referred to as a top lender because of our unequaled experience, “in-house” operations, and excellent customer service.

Many families chose to call the high desert home when a pioneer spirit brought a wagon train of tough folk into Teton Valley. The Driggs family arrived with an abundance of entrepreneurial drive, petitioning the government for a post office to help them develop a town. Don Carlos Driggs was appointed first postmaster in the spring of 1891. Soon after, businesses and buildings sprung up along the main street, which was renamed Main Street in capital letters. After a 20-year wait, Driggs was incorporated in 1910.

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